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High Reader Engagement

Netpage enables publishers to offer 100% interactive magazines, transforming print from a static to a social experience. Every article, photo, and ad - anything the user wants -- on every page, can be clipped, saved, and shared instantly, through social media.
The result? High reader engagement. Readers get exactly the interaction they most enjoy: being able to share, save, and engage with great content.

Close the gap between inspiration and action

Advertisers love magazines for brand building, targeting, visual impact, and editorial authority. Now their print campaigns can also reap the benefits of call-to-action, measurable advertising that moves the reader from inspiration to action. Plus, publishers can seamlessly integrate their digital assets that they are already developing for the iPad, with print to enhance the value of the printed page to readers.

Netpage's Turnkey System

  • Core technology: page recognition, augmented reality, and patented digital twin technology
  • Free app for readers
  • Free core feature set: the ability to clip, save, share ads, articles, and images
  • Universal U/I validated by extensive usability testing
  • Consumer brand and market development validated in market trials
  • A process for creating interactivity with content that maps to your work flow

Esquire and Marie Claire are the first magazines to use Netpage. Other titles are planned for 2013.

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