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Breaking the barrier that separates ink-on-paper from true interactivity

Netpage is the app for paper that makes the entire surface of a magazine page you can clip articles, play a video, and buy stuff, right from the page without any codes, watermarking or special printing process.

The technology behind Netpage

Netpage's patented platform, called the Digital Twin™, allows consumers to interact, via their phones' touch screens, with Netpage-enabled print magazines. The smartphone recognizes the page with the Netpage app, and delivers a digital replica of the printed page from the cloud down to the smart phone. The user moves the phone over the surface of the page, and the Digital Twin™ appears in the screen and tracks with the page, creating a 'glass-bottomed boat effect,' between the printed page and the user's smartphone. Through the consumer's interaction with the Digital Twin™, the app sends instructions to servers operating in the cloud. Netpage has been issued in excess of twenty (20) US patents that protect its Digital Twin™ technology.

A unique advance in interactivity

  • Requires no visible code for the technology to work
  • Renders the entire surface of the page interactive to enable dozens of interactions
  • Works without any special printing process or digital watermarking
  • Activates all images, all text
  • Renders an entire, multi-page article sharable by the reader, just by launching the app, pointing the phone at a page and tapping the screen
  • Enables the reader to take the phone off the page to execute tasks (unlike AR apps)